Bovis déménagement, transport
  • Administrative transfer Administrative transfer
  • Moving industrial press Moving industrial press
  • Exceptional transport Exceptional transport
  • Study workflow methodology with detailed transfer Study workflow methodology with detailed transfer
  • Turnkey industrial transfer Turnkey industrial transfer
  • Computer Transfer Computer Transfer
  • On-site project Coordination On-site project Coordination
  • Factory Moving workshop Factory Moving workshop
  • Means adapted to access constraints Means adapted to access constraints
  • Administrative transfer Administrative transfer
  • Scheduling, management, coordination and project management Scheduling, management, coordination and project management
  • Stores and stocks Transfer Stores and stocks Transfer
  • Administrative Transfer Administrative Transfer
  • Computer servers transfers Computer servers transfers

Administrative moving and industrial transfer

The BOVIS Group is now one of the leading French haulers. Moving is always disruptive for your employees. Entrust its management to specialists who are able to conduct this transition smoothly! Our business representatives will offer you a customised controlled cost solution.

Applications :

  • transfert industriel groupe bovisTurnkey industrial transfer: Scheduling, coordination & management; transfer of machine tools; disconnection / reconnection, geometry (traditional, ballbar or laser); transfer of rotary storage systems, tooling inventories, raw materials or finished products , etc.
  • Turnkey administrative moving: project management and moving of furniture, computers, archives, etc
  • Transfer of archives and libraries
  • Computer transfer
  • Dynamic warehousing system transfer

transfert d'hôpitaux groupe bovis


Customised transfer offers, tailored to each business sector:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Food industry
  • Automotive industrytransfert industriel clé en main groupe bovis
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical & Laboratory sector
  • Microelectronics and cleanroom sector





  • Study: Transfer engineering (consultancy)
  • The complete supply of all products and materials necessary for the haul.
  • The preparation of premises and of the sites concerned, assistance in packing documents and archives, mobile packaging (assembly / disassembly).
  • Labelling of consulting services implemented.
  • Physical transfer with flow programming / Disconnection / Reconnection / Geometry
  • Reinstallation according to drawings.
  • Qualitative and quantitative inspection / with final work acceptance.
  • Protection withdrawal and removal of supplies.

Our added value:

  • Turnkey services thanks to our many trades
  • Optimal project management with our Scheduling, Coordination & Management unit made up of project leaders, planners, coordinators and transfer engineering experts
  • Management of tight schedules: services by 24/ 24 rotating teams available
  • Management of difficult access ways, thanks to our transfer workflow experts
  • Taking charge of heavy and delicate load handling
  • Latest generation transfer and handling equipment, in our colours


Human and technical resources, providing logistic and moving services daily. These provide a range of services, from the physical and administrative acceptance, to internal and external transfer, including the handling of heavy loads and deliveries. (→ Learn more about Facility Management and In-Centre Logistics)


  • 75,000 m of archives hauled per year
  • 250,000 m3 of furniture moved