Bovis déménagement, transport
  • Delivery of industrial refrigeration system Delivery of industrial refrigeration system
  • Electric devices on subway stations Electric devices on subway stations
  • Ventilation system in tunnel Ventilation system in tunnel
  • Complex access management (railing, basement) Complex access management  (railing, basement)
  • Electric devices Delivery Electric devices  Delivery
  • Work on windmill Work on windmill


ENERGY SECTOR and Air Conditioning sector



  • Generators and generator assemblies
  • Electric rectification stations
  • Windmills
  • Air conditioning and professional cooling
  • Boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • UPS
  • Ventilation systems for subways and tunnels
  • Transformers (pyralene transformer removal)


  • Delivery of equipment
  • Assistance with assembly
  • Return and dismantling of equipment
  • Full site relocation
  • Storage of equipment
  • Logistics for spare part management

Types of handling:

  • Lifting with crane arm or mobile crane
  • Handling with a gantry
  • Handling with a mover
  • Roller and directional displacement


  • Good knowledge of the business
  • Management of access constraints (ramps, basements, passage through trapdoor or facade, etc.)
  • Delivery of items in the order of assembly
  • Preparation of orders and delivery of items in waves, in order to follow the rhythm of your installation teams
  • Compliance with safety and environmental standards
  • Ability to take charge of large-scale projects


See also: INDUSTRIAL & ADMINISTRATIVE TRANSFER for services intended for your factories and sales branches.